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Nordic Contries

66 Best Restaurants Nordic Countries

The Nordic Prize is the most prestigious award for Nordic restaurants. Every year in February the best restaurant in the Nordic countries is awarded.


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There has been a rapid increase in interest in the Nordic cuisine in recent years. The Nordic area now boasts some of the best restaurants in the world, with Noma (in Copenhagen, Denmark) very much at the forefront of this gastronomical revolution. With an ever growing number of restaurants appearing in the Michelin Guide, Northern Europe’s fine dining is certainly booming. 66 Best Restaurants – Nordic Countries, is a definitive guide to the dining scene in the Nordic area, presented in a handy application which is available to download on the App Store. The app contains a detailed list of the 66 best restaurants in the north of Europe, and has been compiled by 30 independent experts, led by world renown food critic Bent Christensen. The guide covers many of Northern Europe’s largest cities, including Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm – but of course only the best restaurants from each are featured.

  • Trusted ratings of the dining experience of the 66 best restaurants in the Nordic area.
  • A bonus list of runners up, with ratings included.
  • Features Michelin Star standard restaurants from 6 countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Greenland, Finland, and the Faroe Islands.
  • Many of the reviewed restaurants are considered some of the best in the world, and are featured in the Michelin Guide.
  • Includes articles written by industry experts on the food scene in Northern Europe.

In the guide, it is also possible to find out the rating that each restaurant has been given by some of the food industry’s leading organisations. We quote the ratings provided by the following credible sources.

  • DDG: Danish Dining Guide (Den danske Spiseguide)
  • WGS: White Guide Sweden
  • W50: World’s 50 Best Restaurant list
  • Michelin: Guide Michelin Main Cities of Europe


Don’t miss out on the best restaurants that the nordic cuisine has to offer. Things happen in Northern Europe!


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